Trying Out 360 Photos and Videos

This is LG’s 360 camera. I got one for around $70 at a discount (it originally retailed for around $200) to try out 360 photo and video. The camera has two lenses, one on either side that amazingly, capture a full 360 field-of-view.


This camera does capture “HD” images, but when the image is projected to a full 360 view (which is kind of misleading; the view area is an almost complete sphere, not just a 360-degree cylinder), the resolution ends up significantly lower. Also, a special viewer is required that adds the ability to pan and tilt over the view area. Without a special viewer, the image looks like this (note the extreme distortion at the top and bottom of the image):


I found an excellent WordPress 360 viewer add-in called “WP-VR-view” by Tumanov Alexander. If you’re viewing this page in a compatible web browser — any current version of Microsoft’s Edge browser, or Google Chrome, Apple Safari or Mozilla’s Firefox should work — you should be able to swipe the image in any direction.

I’ve since upgraded to Samsung’s Gear 360 (2017 model) which has even better specs. Stay tuned for more pics!

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